Starting in the NICU

I wrote this post nearly a year ago and never published it. Now that I’m coming back to write about my experience in the NICU I figured it was an appropriate time to share it:

March 26th, 2018

“The time has come. I finally have a job, and after this week of night shifts, I get to work on my own! The concept is thrilling.

Considering all I’ve known is working as a student nurse (AKA free labor), and being a nurse in training for two months, I’m ready for people to stop looking over my shoulder constantly. I certainly don’t know it all. I certainly still have many things to learn that only experience can provide, but I feel ready and capable at this point to care for NICU patients and ask for help where I need it.

I freaking LOVE my job. Wow. Everyday I get to go to work I’m excited to be with the babies and their parents. I feel privileged to even be a little part of their story, even if it’s insignificant. They are the sweetest of all the humans.

Sometimes when I’m doing an assessment or giving a feeding these sweet babes will grab my finger and just look at me with that serene, centering kind of look that makes your ovaries burn just a bit.

I get to snuggle all kinds of babies. Growing babies, opioid withdrawing babies, and babies that have little to no stable family support. Nothing feels better than giving love to a baby that might not get it at home.

I really have the best job and I am SO happy that God led me to the spot I’m in. I had no idea that the NICU was where I needed to start out.

Right before I started working I found myself in a rough spot, mentally. I had reached the moment that I had been working so hard for over the past 4 years. My dreams were being realized and I was still so unhappy. I was already looking towards the next job, and the next degree, and had a really hard time living in the right here and now. Then I got to start my orientation on the unit, and work on the floor and I realized how amazing my job is. I also had a major attitude adjustment mid-February and it has made all the difference in my life.”

I'm a 23 year old NICU RN, living my best life with my best friend Derek. We've been married since May 29th, 2015.

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