Memories of Home


I remember riding my scooter all around the neighborhood barefoot. I remember the scrapes and cuts I would get when I fell off. I remember the hot burn on my heels when I pressed the brakes with no shoes on.

I remember sledding down a big hill in canyon lakes during the winters in my mismatching snow gear.

I remember making mom “pet my head” or “pet my arm” during church. I remember how annoyingly often I got up to “bare my testimony” at church aka monopolize the time for telling stories and for explaining how sad Marley & Me is…

I remember eating either burritos, top ramen, or buffalo wings after church every Sunday. My good eating habits started here.

I remember convincing Nathan, with Jen’s help, to destroy this random watermelon we found in the stream when we got to the campsite the George’s reserved for us. We didn’t realize it was in there to be kept cold by the water and Jen and I both blamed Nathan when Mom and Dad had found out what we’d done.

I remember feeling so special that I got picked to be in Marimba Band and how grateful I was towards my parents when they paid for/helped make me my very own mini marimba! That was one of the best gifts I’ve received to date. We even got to perform at Silverwood one summer as a little troupe.

I remember roller blading in the drive way with the fancy roller blades Aunt Laurie donated to us and pretending I was doing ice skating routines to Christina Aguilera’s FIGHTER. I thought I was so cool.

I remember thinking that Sarah looked like Cinderella as she went to a school dance in her beautiful blue dress.

I remember eating cinnamon toast with Michelle Snider almost everyday after track practice in middle school and then being little rebels and climbing up on the roof for fun.

I remember my dad coming home late and exhausted most nights after too many long and hard days at work.

I remember Steph and Karen painting their nails constantly and Dad always freaking out because he hated the smell.

I remember how terrifying it was when the house flooded, and how everything ended up working out even though it took time and was incredibly scary at first.

I remember the special weekends that Grandma Millward would let all the girl cousins stay at her house. We would make treats and placemats and chia pets and watch movies together.

I remember going to Steph’s track meets. I remember them being very boring for me, besides the one where Jen thought Br. Hales heard her yell, “WHO THE F IS THIS?!”

I remember my mom leaving work to take care of me when I had a burst ovarian cyst. We didn’t have health insurance. They still took me to be seen and made sure I was taken care of.

I remember eating cinnamon graham crackers with frosting in Karen’s room.

I remember playing Nintendo 64 with Jen & the boys. I remember getting blisters on the middle of our palms trying to win Mario Party games.

I remember Karen’s big performance in the coolest concert hall where she got to be the featured artist with the symphony and loving playing up on the balcony we got to view it from.

I remember my dad trying to mimic some of the dance/cheerleading moves I had learned in high school (and I have video proof of this one).

I remember Jen getting so mad before leaving on a trip that she got out of the suburban, yelled “THE WORLD DOESN’T MAKE SENSE ANYMORE” and hitting the mustang with the door of the suburban in the process.

I remember going to the Horse Heaven Hills park early in the mornings during the summers and playing on the toys or biking or rollerblading while mom ran or played tennis.

I remember Sarah making the nastiest concoction of leftovers in our fridge while babysitting – tomato soup with baby octopus (thanks for leaving your asian market stuff in there Uncle Marcus!!!) She bribed Nathan, Joe and myself with ice cream to eat it. Only Nate gave in.

I remember making THE SALTIEST chocolate chip cookie dough to have ever existed and laughing my butt off about it with my mom and siblings. Pretty sure I added the sugar portion worth of salt instead. Bleck.

I remember Nate going to work with dad and coming home and throwing up an insane amount of red hot cheetos puke into our biggest popcorn bowl.

I remember going to tumbling class with Joe and being so jealous that he was better than me after 2 weeks of class.

I remember the Christmas we had to do the paper route in the snow. It was miserable. But Dad packed up the papers in the suburban and helped us get it done quickly.

I remember all of the other times we did the paper route on our scooters and probably woke up every person in the neighborhood from it. Whoops.

I remember Sarah always loving on Joe. She was is a very protective older sibling to him.

I remember making my mom read bedtime stories to me as a teenager partially as an excuse to stay up and spend more time with her.

I remember practicing my dance routines in the garage in front of the huge mirror dad hung in there for me.

I remember swinging on the big wooden swing the Loveridge’s gave to us in the backyard.

I remember being so jazzed about the new house on Dennis street on that first night. We slept in an empty room with no furniture but the mattresses and it was honestly the best ever!

I remember refusing to do dishes as a pre-teen and my mom told me I wasn’t allowed to leave the kitchen until they were done. I sat in the kitchen for 4 hours before I gave in.

I remember Jen and I (mostly Jen) making our own closet out of little to nothing in the bigger bedroom we shared. This was after the days of our matching blue and purple canopies from Walmart.

There’s a lot I don’t remember. There’s some I choose not to bring up.

But mostly, I remember a big family making a lot out of a little.

I'm a 23 year old NICU RN, living my best life with my best friend Derek. We've been married since May 29th, 2015.

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    • Thanks, Mike! They weren’t all bad but I just had Nathan remind me of a time I compared how sad “Marley and Me” was against someone bearing a testimony that they had lost a loved one. And I said that I understood how they felt or something like that haha. Kind of embarrassing for me to remember.

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