Maternity Essentials

Whether you asked for it or not, here it is! My list of maternity style must-haves.

A pregnant body is tricky to dress because it’s different every week!

I’m currently 35 weeks pregnant with my second baby and I feel like I’ve learned a lot about what works for my pregnant body and what doesn’t. In my normal life I’m a short-waisted tall-ish pear shape, which means that as soon as that baby bump makes an appearance people ask me if I’m due soon. I’m not one of those people that can just buy regular clothes a size bigger—I gotta invest in the maternity-specific stuff.

My absolute minimal wardrobe consists of:
2-3 t-shirts
2-3 button-up shirts
1 “fancy shirt”
1 pair of jeans
1 pair of black leggings for all occasions
1 pair of “other pants” (AKA fake leather leggings)
2 skirts (one pencil, one midi)
2-3 dresses (at least one maxi)

Things I already owned that were SO USEFUL:
Pleated midi skirt with elastic waistband (wore until 30 weeks)
Maxi tent dresses
Fake leather leggings with elastic waistband (wore until 25 weeks!)

The majority of my new purchases came from Target or I also tried to stick with neutrals (mostly black) and similar colors (blue/green/yellow) to maximize potential outfits.

First Trimester:
If you must buy new clothes during the first trimester, try to buy things you will get good use out of in the postpartum period as well. I bought a pair of dark wash full-panel maternity jeggings at 8 weeks, and a couple of tunic-style tops around 12 weeks, and that’s all I needed to supplement what I already had.
Think dark colors, prints, elastic waistbands, and long, loose tops that hang and don’t cling.


Second trimester:
Around 15 weeks I couldn’t wear normal t-shirts anymore, not even sized up. I invested in 3 maternity tees and another maternity tunic top.
I also bought a black maternity pencil skirt which has been worth every penny and a couple of jersey knit maternity dresses that got good use. I liked wearing clothes that showcased my cute belly.
ALSO I BOUGHT MATERNITY SPANX. Maternity shapewear is the best-kept secret underneath those fitted jersey dresses you see everywhere. An absolute must.

20170618_121955 20170625_121823

Third Trimester:
Almost nothing fits anymore, so I’ve had to buy leggings, joggers, maternity t-shirts, fancy shirt, and a maxi dress to accommodate my incredibly large belly. I’ve been shy of tight clothes the last few weeks because I want to leave at least some of my abundant curves to the imagination.

20170716_122252 20170702_121938 IMG_0825-2


What are your favorite and least favorite things about maternity fashion?


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