Running Taught Me: Hard Times

Last year, in the beginning of training for my half marathon (which I successfully finished in October!), I went for the longest run I had done in about 3 years. 5 whole miles.

Despite my determination and upbeat mental attitude, the first 2 or so miles felt sluggish. (They often do.) But then, suddenly, it was as if my body decided to be happy about running. My legs felt strong, my body light as a feather, my mind quick and clear, and my spirit was so free. I easily ran the next 2 or so miles, probably grinning from ear to ear.

And then the last stretch came, and I was feeling a little tired. I continued my positive self-talk, and after a few more minutes I was done with my run.

I’ve frequently reflected on that run since that day, and I’ve come to an important realization.

More than a decade of distance running has given me the experience to know that the difficult parts of a run are fleeting.
They pass.
And if the entire run was awful, I have the perspective to understand that my next run will probably be fine.

I realized that life is that way as well. Hard times happen. They suck, and sometimes they’re downright excruciating. But they don’t last forever. An easier section or a finish is always ahead.




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3 Responses to Running Taught Me: Hard Times

  1. Your running habit has always been so inspiring to me! Sometimes it seems like people who run are just all smiles and determination, which is so different from my experiences with running, haha. It’s encouraging to know that you struggle too, but fight to get past the struggle. I hope to learn that skill for myself. 🙂

  2. I just think you’re the coolest Steph. I really appreciate your positive thinking. Sometimes I have similar runs but find myself dwelling on the worst part of it rather than the part that makes me feel like superwoman. Same in life. I love you!

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