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My first semester of nursing school is nearly over. How did this happen?! It seems like just yesterday I was eagerly awaiting my fate as to whether or not I even got into nursing school. Now here I am, a student nurse, who in all honesty still barely has an idea of what she’s doing. I mean, I passed all of my tests but real practical skill is still in progress… I’ll get there I promise!

Timing in life is all too interesting… I always thought I would go to nursing school at BYU-Provo and had made that my goal my senior year of high school soon after I found out I got in. After completing my freshman year and applying to the program there I received notification that I was not accepted. I was so upset and distraught at this news. I picked myself up and hoped that after I applied a second time to this very competitive program I would be accepted. God had other things in mind for me.

After my return to BYU-Provo, with a boyfriend that made a huge sacrifice and moved 670 miles away from home to continue dating me, and a lot of prayer I felt like this “dream program” was no longer right for me. Uh… how? My relationship with Derek took priority (as the feminist within me screams) because I knew that he was the human I needed beside me to even go through & survive nursing school, let alone the rest of this crazy life. I didn’t end up applying again at Provo and eagerly awaited direction for my next steps. I knew I would become a nurse but didn’t know exactly how. Fast forward… I married my best friend and after contemplation we decided to finish our education at BYU’s sister school BYU-Idaho.

“Wait… what?”

^ My thoughts upon arrival in Rexburg, ID. This wasn’t my plan! Was I really ready to make such a drastic change? I felt uneasy about it all after leaving an awesome job at a pediatrics clinic in Utah with seriously the BEST boss I’ve ever had (that’s you, Camille, if you’re reading this) and taking a job with a sketchy company that did online insulation sales and ran a pet store complete with lizards and snakes on the side in our office with a boss that had certain Michael Scott-esque qualities about him (the job market is miserable here). This could not be my future. How was this my future?!

Then I started school up again at the beginning of this year and felt so much relief about my direction in life. I applied to the BSN program here and in May 2016 I found out I got in! Finally, my goal to become a nurse is within grasp!

Reflecting on this past semester has helped me to realize a few things…

  1. God knows best. Derek and I could have been comfortable in Utah with our entry level positions. We made decent money. Why couldn’t we just stay there? We had dreams to realize and couldn’t be content not living up to our potential. Why couldn’t I have been smart enough to apply one semester sooner so I could be done by next July instead? I don’t know if I would have gotten in without proving my ability to do well on campus here that first semester… and turns out I really needed to start the program this last fall so I could meet one of the best humans alive.
  2. What’s the point if you don’t have friends? Excluding my husband, I have to give Marissa Pulsipher major props as she has helped me survive through the madness of nursing school this semester. I’m so glad we’ve suffered together and that we’re both moving on to the next semester! God knew I needed to meet her. She is one of the only humans within my faith that I agree with on just about everything. I’m also so incredibly grateful for the support from the good people from my church who are our family away from home (especially the Ingledue’s!) and my family. Family makes the best of friends.
  3. Don’t let negative Nancy’s drag you down. This is a lesson I have to keep relearning. It really dawned on me how negative I tend to be when I was preparing for my HESI exams… One of the “test taking tips” is to avoid negative people while you’re preparing because you need to believe in yourself and that you have the ability to succeed. One of my first thoughts after reading this was, “I better avoid myself then.” Hahaha. I’m still working on changing the narrative in my own head. In the meantime I’m grateful for my husband who has continually shown me that “we can feel joy regardless of what is happening—or not happening—in our lives.”

Come next December, God willing, I’ll graduate and become a REAL nurse! Then the real fun will begin. I’m so glad that God and Derek helped nudge me in the right direction. This path is better than any path I could have imagined for myself.

P.S. Sorry if this kind of comes off as word vomit. Thanks anyways for reading.

I'm a 23 year old NICU RN, living my best life with my best friend Derek. We've been married since May 29th, 2015.

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